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Analytic Trading goes live!

After years of research, discussion and development we took the decision that we wanted a central place to deposit and share our collective knowledge of trading and investment using our technical analysis techniques… Continue reading

Trading Explained in 3 Minutes!

Think about trading more tangible items If you’ve bought a house – you’ve traded the property market – ‘long’ as we say – meaning, obviously as you may think, that if your property (as part of your regional property market) rises, then you will make… Continue reading

Risk Warning & Disclaimer

Trading is not for everyone It involves financial risk, and you should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. The information provided on this website is purely for educational use only. Your decision to trade or not is solely your own, and we do… Continue reading

You, Your Time & Your Money

Let us start with the most commonly asked questions and actually give some real answers to them that are more meaningful, and based on actual trading experience – instead of the usual marketing waffle and rhetoric… Is trading for me? If you’re happy spending some… Continue reading

10. Self Development

Thinking like a computer Trading successfully is the result of an ability to manage your decision making process in a computer-like fashion; making a statistically significant number of trades in order to make a profit from your strategy over the longer term – by winning… Continue reading

What is Analytic Trading?

The wisdom of crowds Analytic Trading takes advantage of the principle that; within any market’s price movement data, is contained all the collective past and present knowledge of the market participants that have and are trading that particular instrument. Liquidity The best tradable instruments are… Continue reading

Full Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions Of Use Agreement/ Disclaimer / Forward Looking Earnings Statement Thank you for reviewing our terms and conditions page, and for your interest in purchasing our product. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE, ANY MEMBERS AREA, AND ALL RELATED SOFTWARE (INCLUDING PURCHASED SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE… Continue reading