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Risk Manager

[note class=”time”]Time reading this page: 10 minutes Time installing the Expert Advisor: Just a few minutes with our MetaTrader Pro setup[/note] What does it do? The Risk Manager Indicator is designed to work in a similar way to a real Risk Manager would in a proprietary trading company… Continue reading

News Alerts

What does it do? The Analytic Trading News Indicator for MetaTrader overlays up-coming and recent news events relevant to the instrument chart it is added to, with the optional display of all USD news events. It will display screen alerts and send email alerts at… Continue reading

Average True Range (ATR)

What does it do? The Analytic Trading ATR indicator simply adds a small line of text to the top left corner of your charts to show the current timeframe average true range of the last 25 bars, and the total range of the current open… Continue reading

Bias and Levels

What does it do? This template uses the chart properties of the Clean Charts template with the ATR, Breakouts, Candles, Support & Resistance, Spread and Swing Levels indicators added using default settings. If you want to make your own customised versions of this template we recommend… Continue reading

Major Forex Currency Pairs

What does it do? These profile setups show the 7 major currency pairs on the daily (D1) and hourly (H1)timeframes. They are ordered from top to bottom, left to right, according to the tab order along the bottom – this order is quite specific so we… Continue reading

All Timeframes

What does it do? These profile setups show a multi-timeframe view for each of the major currency pairs, commodities and the S&P500. The timeframes we follow are weekly (W1), daily (D1), 4-hourly (H4), hourly (H1), 30-minute (M30), 15-minute (M15), 5-minute (M5) and 1-minute (M1). We… Continue reading

MetaTrader Pro

Why MetaTrader As you may have already have found, we do quite like MetaTrader and think you will too when you explore all its capabilities. It runs on most modern Windows systems, is highly customisable, widely supported, and comes with it’s own programming tools with… Continue reading

Swing Levels

What does it do? The Analytic Trading Swing Levels indicator simply shows where price highs and lows are first tested and rejected. It joins the previous high/low with a grey dotted line and then extends a white line from the top of the re-test bar.… Continue reading


What does it do? The Analytic Trading Gaps Indicator for MetaTrader automatically draws levels for the either inner high & low or open & close of gaps in the market price according to the preferred setting. It then sets potential stop and target levels –… Continue reading

Breakout Levels

What does it do? The Analytic Trading Breakouts indicator automatically draws red and green lines on the chart for price levels that have been broken by large bullish and bearish candles. The lines remain until the breakout price level has been re-tested by a bar… Continue reading