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Major Forex Currency Pairs

What does it do? These profile setups show the 7 major currency pairs on the daily (D1) and hourly (H1)timeframes. They are ordered from top to bottom, left to right, according to the tab order along the bottom – this order is quite specific so we… Continue reading


MetaTrader Profiles Profiles are one of many valuable time-saving features in MetaTrader – they will help you save screen-space, enabling you to track and manage many different chart setups on one monitor or laptop that some people might otherwise use many monitors for. All changes… Continue reading


What does it do? The Analytic Trading Candles indicator shows candle/bar patterns on the current timeframe as an arrow and label above/below the latest candle. Plus, as additional comment information, in the top-left of the screen to show the latest closed candle/bar candle pattern and… Continue reading