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Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics takes a lot more time and technical confidence than the average person cares to get involved in – which is where we are here help. It is well worth learning more if you are looking to gain an advanced trading edge. The end… Continue reading

09. Broker Accounts

For very good reasons we have covered the many other areas of trading before we look at brokers. This is a serious business involving real money and very real risks of losses; you need to understand all of this before you start trading a live… Continue reading

02. Charting Software

Timezone It is important to note that all charting software will be linked to a timezone, normally according to the broker timezone that supplied it. Without going into too much detail, it is important to make sure that you use a GMT/BST+2h setup – this… Continue reading

01. Computers & Smart Phones

Operating System Your home PC or laptop MetaTrader 4 runs on Windows XP onwards, so if you already run Windows and have a reasonably decent computer made in the last 3-5 years then you’re not going to need to think too much about that. You… Continue reading

Analytic Trading Home

Get the MetaTrader Pro Setup Designed for professional traders and private investors Find out more We have applied our collective professional experience to create an organised and dynamic setup, designed to suit various trading and investment profiles on all markets available through MetaTrader brokers. Fast-track… Continue reading