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Analytic Trading goes live!

After years of research, discussion and development we took the decision that we wanted a central place to deposit and share our collective knowledge of trading and investment using our technical analysis techniques… Continue reading

Risk Management

What does it do? This template is again, based on the Bias and Levels template, with the Risk Manager Indicator information. Note, the default risk settings are set to an amount we believe to be reasonable for our own trading strategies – but you MUST check… Continue reading

News Alerts

What does it do? The Analytic Trading News Indicator for MetaTrader overlays up-coming and recent news events relevant to the instrument chart it is added to, with the optional display of all USD news events. It will display screen alerts and send email alerts at… Continue reading

Average True Range (ATR)

What does it do? The Analytic Trading ATR indicator simply adds a small line of text to the top left corner of your charts to show the current timeframe average true range of the last 25 bars, and the total range of the current open… Continue reading

Price and Trade Alerts

Trade alerts The icing on the cake for us, in automating our chart indicators and analysis, is that we can set certain criteria to give us a message on screen, or send us an email / text message, when there’s something of interest to check… Continue reading

Advanced Chart Setups

Systematic chart analysis As you may have already guessed, the standard indicators supplied with MetaTrader do not provide the kind of information we like to analyse and find high-probablility trade setups. So, we took our experience with EA analysis of price-action and candle-patterns to find… Continue reading

Clean Charts

What does it do? This template sets the chart properties with a consistent look – removing the grid lines, candle colours and using various zoom levels to help analyse price-action movements on the available screen area. If you want to make your own customised versions… Continue reading


MetaTrader Templates Getting to know MetaTrader and its features will save you a lot of time in your chart setup – that you can then use to concentrate on looking for the best quality trade set-ups. We recommend that you get confident with managing your… Continue reading


MetaTrader Profiles Profiles are one of many valuable time-saving features in MetaTrader – they will help you save screen-space, enabling you to track and manage many different chart setups on one monitor or laptop that some people might otherwise use many monitors for. All changes… Continue reading