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Advanced Chart Setups

Systematic chart analysis As you may have already guessed, the standard indicators supplied with MetaTrader do not provide the kind of information we like to analyse and find high-probablility trade setups. So, we took our experience with EA analysis of price-action and candle-patterns to find… Continue reading

Trading Explained in 3 Minutes!

Think about trading more tangible items If you’ve bought a house – you’ve traded the property market – ‘long’ as we say – meaning, obviously as you may think, that if your property (as part of your regional property market) rises, then you will make… Continue reading

06. Indicators & Alerts

We’re going to make a very bold statement now. It is the ethos of this website, our trading methods and, we believe, will change the way you look at trading charts and indicators permanently… Do not trade using lagging indicators Now, if you strongly disagree… Continue reading