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Swing Levels

What does it do? The Analytic Trading Swing Levels indicator simply shows where price highs and lows are first tested and rejected. It joins the previous high/low with a grey dotted line and then extends a white line from the top of the re-test bar.… Continue reading

Breakout Levels

What does it do? The Analytic Trading Breakouts indicator automatically draws red and green lines on the chart for price levels that have been broken by large bullish and bearish candles. The lines remain until the breakout price level has been re-tested by a bar… Continue reading

06. Indicators & Alerts

We’re going to make a very bold statement now. It is the ethos of this website, our trading methods and, we believe, will change the way you look at trading charts and indicators permanently… Do not trade using lagging indicators Now, if you strongly disagree… Continue reading