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Bias and Levels

What does it do? This template uses the chart properties of the Clean Charts template with the ATR, Breakouts, Candles, Support & Resistance, Spread and Swing Levels indicators added using default settings. If you want to make your own customised versions of this template we recommend… Continue reading

All Timeframes

What does it do? These profile setups show a multi-timeframe view for each of the major currency pairs, commodities and the S&P500. The timeframes we follow are weekly (W1), daily (D1), 4-hourly (H4), hourly (H1), 30-minute (M30), 15-minute (M15), 5-minute (M5) and 1-minute (M1). We… Continue reading

Support & Resistance Levels

What does it do? The Analytic Trading Support & Resistance Levels indicator is designed to automatically draw horizontal lines from the last few high & low price levels the higher timeframes achieved. Due to the fractal nature of price movements, it works in the same way… Continue reading

08. Support & Discussion

Trading is a solitary task; only you can make the actual decisions on whether to trade or not – be it an individual trade, or following a signal service or automated strategy. That’s a lot of pressure! However you can make your decisions much more… Continue reading

04. Education & Resources

We’ve trawled a LOT of trading websites and been active participants on many forums over the years. There is an almost infinite amount of information out there so we’ve decided to include just the links that we think you should definitely bookmark and look through… Continue reading