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Risk Manager

[note class=”time”]Time reading this page: 10 minutes Time installing the Expert Advisor: Just a few minutes with our MetaTrader Pro setup[/note] What does it do? The Risk Manager Indicator is designed to work in a similar way to a real Risk Manager would in a proprietary trading company… Continue reading

Price and Trade Alerts

Trade alerts The icing on the cake for us, in automating our chart indicators and analysis, is that we can set certain criteria to give us a message on screen, or send us an email / text message, when there’s something of interest to check… Continue reading


Time is money! Your time is valuable, and we certainly don’t like wasting time – so we designed this website to be a concise, time-efficent resource for developing professional traders and investors. So first of all, everywhere on this website we’ll attempt to focus on… Continue reading

Risk Warning & Disclaimer

Trading is not for everyone It involves financial risk, and you should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. The information provided on this website is purely for educational use only. Your decision to trade or not is solely your own, and we do… Continue reading

You, Your Time & Your Money

Let us start with the most commonly asked questions and actually give some real answers to them that are more meaningful, and based on actual trading experience – instead of the usual marketing waffle and rhetoric… Is trading for me? If you’re happy spending some… Continue reading

10. Self Development

Thinking like a computer Trading successfully is the result of an ability to manage your decision making process in a computer-like fashion; making a statistically significant number of trades in order to make a profit from your strategy over the longer term – by winning… Continue reading

08. Support & Discussion

Trading is a solitary task; only you can make the actual decisions on whether to trade or not – be it an individual trade, or following a signal service or automated strategy. That’s a lot of pressure! However you can make your decisions much more… Continue reading

07. Strategy & Trading Plan

We can give you some fantastic indicators to show you the underlying bias of the markets and its turning points – but this alone is not enough to make you profitable. There is still an element of interpretation required  – yes you have to use… Continue reading

05. Booklist

There’s a few good old fashioned books that we consider almost essential reading for technical trading and getting to know the markets through charts and price-action. There’s also some sound coverage of risk management, trading psychology getting yourself organised for trading professionally. And it’s definitely… Continue reading

Trading Toolkit

Trading is a very real business Trading should be treated as a business, like any other; you seek out goods or services at good value and sell them on for a profit, repeating the process to make a return on your initial investment and earn… Continue reading